Wednesday, 21 March 2012

World Poetry Day 2012

Today March, 21st is the first day of a new season: Spring, but it is also the World Poetry Day. The idea is to promote the reading, teaching, publishing and writing of poems.
Poems are like music because of the rhythm and the rhyme. Look and listen this example:
IF (a popular poem in English) by Rudyard Kipling.

You can listen to more poems HERE. It is an interesting project called FAVOURITE POEM PROJECT where people record videos talking about their lives and read his/her favourite poem. (I recommend you "I'm nobody! Who are you?" by Emily Dickinson)

Some old popular short poems in English are called LIMERICKS. They were often used in Nursery Rhymes. Can you tell me how to write a limerick?

Are you ready to write a poem, maybe a limerick? Come on!!! I will put them in the blog and there is a prize waiting for the best one!!!!